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  1. Photo of Hans Fabian Wullenweber

    Hans Fabian Wullenweber Director

  2. Photo of Sonja Richter

    Sonja Richter Cast

  3. Photo of Claus Riis Østergaard

    Claus Riis Østergaard Cast

  4. Photo of Anders W. Berthelsen

    Anders W. Berthelsen Cast

  5. Photo of Kurt Ravn

    Kurt Ravn Cast

  6. Photo of Lars Mikkelsen

    Lars Mikkelsen Cast

  7. Photo of Morten Suurballe

    Morten Suurballe Cast

  8. Photo of Peder Holm Johansen

    Peder Holm Johansen Cast

  9. Photo of Julie Grundtvig Wester

    Julie Grundtvig Wester Cast

  10. Photo of Petrine Agger

    Petrine Agger Cast

  11. Photo of Thomas W. Gabrielsson

    Thomas W. Gabrielsson Cast