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  1. Photo of Riccardo Milani

    Riccardo Milani Director

  2. Photo of Sandro Petraglia

    Sandro Petraglia Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stefano Rulli

    Stefano Rulli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luca Zingaretti

    Luca Zingaretti Cast

  5. Photo of Luisa Ranieri

    Luisa Ranieri Cast

  6. Photo of Jasmine Trinca

    Jasmine Trinca Cast

  7. Photo of Corrado Fortuna

    Corrado Fortuna Cast

  8. Photo of Claudio Gioè

    Claudio Gioè Cast

  9. Photo of Valerio Mastandrea

    Valerio Mastandrea Cast

  10. Photo of Claudio Amendola

    Claudio Amendola Cast

  11. Photo of Stefano Ricciotti

    Stefano Ricciotti Cinematography

  12. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  13. Photo of Carlo Degli Esposti

    Carlo Degli Esposti Producer

  14. Photo of Anna Giolitti

    Anna Giolitti Producer

  15. Photo of Aldo Raparelli

    Aldo Raparelli Producer

  16. Photo of Silvio Severi

    Silvio Severi Producer

  17. Photo of Patrizia Ceresani

    Patrizia Ceresani Editing

  18. Photo of Fulvia Amendolia

    Fulvia Amendolia Costume Design

  19. Photo of Alberto Moretti

    Alberto Moretti Costume Design

  20. Photo of Luca Ricci

    Luca Ricci Special Effects