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  1. Photo of Karin Berger

    Karin Berger Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jerzy Palacz

    Jerzy Palacz Cinematography

  3. Photo of Michael Palm

    Michael Palm Editing

  4. Photo of Bruno Pisek

    Bruno Pisek Sound

  5. Photo of Alf Schwarzlmueller

    Alf Schwarzlmueller Sound

  6. Photo of Ceija Stojka

    Ceija Stojka Cast, Music

  7. Photo of Harri Stojka

    Harri Stojka Music

  8. Photo of Willibald Stojka

    Willibald Stojka Music

  9. Photo of El Pare

    El Pare Music

  10. Photo of Johannes Rosenberger

    Johannes Rosenberger Producer

  11. Photo of Johannes Holzhausen

    Johannes Holzhausen Producer

  12. Photo of Constantin Wulff

    Constantin Wulff Producer