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  1. Photo of Luis Buñuel

    Luis Buñuel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Ferry

    Jean Ferry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Emmanuel Roblès

    Emmanuel Roblès Screenplay

  4. Photo of Georges Marchal

    Georges Marchal Cast

  5. Photo of Lucia Bosé

    Lucia Bosé Cast

  6. Photo of Julien Bertheau

    Julien Bertheau Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Jacques Delbo

    Jean-Jacques Delbo Cast

  8. Photo of Simone Paris

    Simone Paris Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Le Fort

    Robert Le Fort Cast

  10. Photo of Brigitte Elloy

    Brigitte Elloy Cast

  11. Photo of Pascal Mazzotti

    Pascal Mazzotti Cast

  12. Photo of Jane Morlet

    Jane Morlet Cast

  13. Photo of Gaston Modot

    Gaston Modot Cast

  14. Photo of Henri Nassiet

    Henri Nassiet Cast

  15. Photo of Marcel Pérès

    Marcel Pérès Cast

  16. Photo of Yvette Thilly

    Yvette Thilly Cast

  17. Photo of Giani Esposito

    Giani Esposito Cast

  18. Photo of Nelly Borgeaud

    Nelly Borgeaud Cast

  19. Photo of Lucien Callamand

    Lucien Callamand Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Lefebvre

    Robert Lefebvre Cinematography

  21. Photo of Joseph Kosma

    Joseph Kosma Music

  22. Photo of Max Douy

    Max Douy Production Design

  23. Photo of Edmond Ténoudji

    Edmond Ténoudji Producer

  24. Photo of Marguerite Renoir

    Marguerite Renoir Editing