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  1. Renton47's rating of the film Celia

    Celia, somehow, feels like a revolutionary text. Perhaps it's the link it vividly draws between the scapegoating of "invasive species" (still resonating), perhaps because the emotional lives of children aren't rendered innocent enough to warrant corruption. The casual violence of the adult world infiltrates the magic realm of children, and the sanctimony of government will (still) reap its own dissent. 4.5

  2.'s rating of the film Celia

    In the morning I will take off his tail.

  3. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Celia

    4.5 stars. So very heartening to be excited by a film again. One of the most emotionally intelligent examinations of morality that it has been my privilege to watch. Recognises that any system of justice is a [socially sanctioned] magic ritual. Celia's acts of violence are revolutionary stagings of political dissidence, which is why the film's only mis-step **SPOILER WARNING** is that she leaves the dog to die.

  4. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Celia

    An uneven but truly unusual genre-defying gem which works at many levels. Turner conveys brilliantly how the dysfunction and barely concealed violence of the adult world unleashes violent disturbance in the children. She raises questions around sexual inequality, politics, social conformity and scapegoating, all seen through the eyes of a sensitive young girl with whom we empathise even as she loses her innocence.

  5. Thomas's rating of the film Celia

    Cute, sometimes surreal drama playing on the fears and uncertainties of childhood. A little too long.

  6. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film Celia

    15-20 minutes too long I think, but a very good (and unique) film. Rebecca Smart is fantastic in the title role.

  7. raggiodisole's rating of the film Celia

    Something quite marvellous about Australian cinema. great blend of real and fantasy, a good growing up tale

  8. Thornehawk's rating of the film Celia

    Mubi can be a bit hit and miss. And this is definitely a miss! The children are extremely irritating. In fact all the characters are, and the communist thing has been done much, much better many times before. Don´t waste your time with this one.

  9. Federico Grazzini's rating of the film Celia

    Interesting movie about the childhood.

  10. bulletproof isobel's rating of the film Celia

    Loved this. I was pleasantly surpriced and loved the little protagonist. I am still not sure if Celia is a sociopath or not.

  11. Rosie Violet's rating of the film Celia

    I only watched it for the rabbit. Another one which makes me regret signing up.

  12. Amyx's rating of the film Celia

    very good. wouldn't have found this if it wasn't for mubi

  13. Imelda Says's rating of the film Celia

    In the adult world, the anti-communist witch hunts are as bizarre and hysterical as the war on rabbit vermin, which draws on a similar nationalistic polemic. In the children's world we see the crude seeds of the adult - territory, loyalty, honour, betrayal, cruelty, revenge, superstition, amoral self-preservation, profound love, friendship and bloodshed. Celia the meeting place of all things, good and bad.

  14. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Celia

    very enjoyable. the girl playing the lead role is great. it's tough, and joyous, being 9.

  15. Dark Helmet's rating of the film Celia

    Exactly the sort of film I would never discover without Mubi - Rebecca Smart's performance as Celia is incredible and there are some really nice directorial touches throughout.

  16. Natty's rating of the film Celia

    I absolutely loved this film.

  17. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Celia

    Heavens to Murgatroyd! I loved this when I saw it 25 years ago and it clearly made a major impression (certainly the neighbour Alice Tanner did about whom I recall having a definite thing) because I seem to remember every scene vividly. A powerful, imaginative, entrancing and thoroughly engrossing evocation of childhood and a child's impression of the mysterious goings on in the adult world.

  18. Waxed's rating of the film Celia

    Lovely film, sickly sweet and cute but also dark, great actors including the rabbit, poor little thing..

  19. Mikaela Kindblom's rating of the film Celia

    I loved this film when I saw it at the Gothenborg Film Festival in the 1980:s I was so taken by it that I think I instantly liked Seoirse Ronan in Atonement just because she looks like the little girl in Celia- who loves rabbits and her dad beyond anything in the world!

  20. ecstatic truth's rating of the film Celia

    Not strikingly original in concept but magical between the lines. Why is there so many Antipodean magical realism coming of age films (with a side order of violence)?

  21. captainbert's rating of the film Celia

    Magically weird and wonderful flick which oozes in originality as it depicts life through the eyes of a nine year old girl. The performance of Rebecca Smart as the young girl is absolutely superb and for me i would rather this flick any day over Pans Labyrinth.