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  1. Photo of Levan Akin

    Levan Akin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lisa Östberg

    Lisa Östberg Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Mia Mountain

    Mia Mountain Cast

  4. Photo of Ludde Hagberg

    Ludde Hagberg Cast

  5. Photo of Yohanna Idha

    Yohanna Idha Cast

  6. Photo of Anitha Flink

    Anitha Flink Cast

  7. Photo of Aron Flam

    Aron Flam Cast

  8. Photo of Ulrika Ellemark

    Ulrika Ellemark Cast

  9. Photo of Fredrik Lundqvist

    Fredrik Lundqvist Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Håkansson

    Anna Håkansson Cast

  11. Photo of Linus Rosenqvist

    Linus Rosenqvist Cinematography

  12. Photo of Fredrik Emilson

    Fredrik Emilson Music

  13. Photo of Erika Stark

    Erika Stark Production Design and Producer

  14. Photo of Lars Blomgren

    Lars Blomgren Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Johanna Perhult

    Johanna Perhult Editing

  16. Photo of Gustav Wachtmeister

    Gustav Wachtmeister Editing

  17. Photo of Anders Niva

    Anders Niva Sound