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  1. Photo of Carl Schultz

    Carl Schultz Director

  2. Photo of David Cahill

    David Cahill Director

  3. Photo of John Croyston

    John Croyston Director

  4. Photo of Rob Stewart

    Rob Stewart Director

  5. Photo of Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins Director

  6. Photo of Bruce Best

    Bruce Best Director

  7. Photo of Tony Morphett

    Tony Morphett Screenplay

  8. Photo of David Williamson

    David Williamson Screenplay

  9. Photo of June Salter

    June Salter Cast

  10. Photo of Jenny Lee

    Jenny Lee Cast

  11. Photo of Judy Morris

    Judy Morris Cast

  12. Photo of Joan Bruce

    Joan Bruce Cast

  13. Photo of Queenie Ashton

    Queenie Ashton Cast

  14. Photo of Elisabeth Crosby

    Elisabeth Crosby Cast

  15. Photo of Jack Fegan

    Jack Fegan Cast

  16. Photo of Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

    Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Cast

  17. Photo of Bruce Spence

    Bruce Spence Cast

  18. Photo of Brian Wenzel

    Brian Wenzel Cast

  19. Photo of Ron Graham

    Ron Graham Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Sumner

    Peter Sumner Cast

  21. Photo of Christine Amor

    Christine Amor Cast

  22. Photo of Christopher Pate

    Christopher Pate Cast

  23. Photo of Don Barker

    Don Barker Cast

  24. Photo of Anne Haddy

    Anne Haddy Cast

  25. Photo of Wallas Eaton

    Wallas Eaton Cast

  26. Photo of Kate Fitzpatrick

    Kate Fitzpatrick Cast

  27. Photo of Betty Lucas

    Betty Lucas Cast

  28. Photo of Vincent Ball

    Vincent Ball Cast

  29. Photo of Diana Perryman

    Diana Perryman Cast

  30. Photo of Eric Oldfield

    Eric Oldfield Cast

  31. Photo of Richard Meikle

    Richard Meikle Cast

  32. Photo of Ivars Kants

    Ivars Kants Cast

  33. Photo of Carmen Duncan

    Carmen Duncan Cast

  34. Photo of Matthew Crosby

    Matthew Crosby Cast

  35. Photo of Diane Craig

    Diane Craig Cast

  36. Photo of Sally Cahill

    Sally Cahill Cast

  37. Photo of Joanne Samuel

    Joanne Samuel Cast

  38. Photo of Shane Porteous

    Shane Porteous Cast

  39. Photo of Kris McQuade

    Kris McQuade Cast