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  1. Photo of Marcel Pagnol

    Marcel Pagnol Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Raimu

    Raimu Cast

  3. Photo of Pierre Fresnay

    Pierre Fresnay Cast

  4. Photo of Fernand Charpin

    Fernand Charpin Cast

  5. Photo of Orane Demazis

    Orane Demazis Cast

  6. Photo of André Fouché

    André Fouché Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Vattier

    Robert Vattier Cast

  8. Photo of Marcel Maupi

    Marcel Maupi Cast

  9. Photo of Edouard Delmont

    Edouard Delmont Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Dullac

    Paul Dullac Cast

  11. Photo of Milly Mathis

    Milly Mathis Cast

  12. Photo of Thommeray

    Thommeray Cast

  13. Photo of Rellys

    Rellys Cast

  14. Photo of Doumel

    Doumel Cast

  15. Photo of Alida Rouffe

    Alida Rouffe Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Bassac

    Robert Bassac Cast

  17. Photo of Jean Castan

    Jean Castan Cast

  18. Photo of Willy Faktorovitch

    Willy Faktorovitch Cinematography

  19. Photo of Vincent Scotto

    Vincent Scotto Music

  20. Photo of Marius Brouquier

    Marius Brouquier Production Design

  21. Photo of Charles Pons

    Charles Pons Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Suzanne de Troeye

    Suzanne de Troeye Editing

  23. Photo of Jeanette Ginestet

    Jeanette Ginestet Editing

  24. Photo of Georges Gérardot

    Georges Gérardot Sound

  25. Photo of Steven Ghouti

    Steven Ghouti Sound