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  1. Photo of Jorge Brum do Canto

    Jorge Brum do Canto Director

  2. Photo of Jacinto Ramos

    Jacinto Ramos Cast

  3. Photo of Emilio Correia

    Emilio Correia Cast

  4. Photo of Silva Araújo

    Silva Araújo Cast

  5. Photo of Carlos Bagão

    Carlos Bagão Cast

  6. Photo of Carlos Benfica

    Carlos Benfica Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Emília Vilas

    Maria Emília Vilas Cast

  8. Photo of Augusto de Figueiredo

    Augusto de Figueiredo Cast

  9. Photo of Julieta Castelo

    Julieta Castelo Cast

  10. Photo of Carlos José Teixeira

    Carlos José Teixeira Cast

  11. Photo of César de Sá

    César de Sá Cinematography

  12. Photo of Aurélio Rodrigues

    Aurélio Rodrigues Cinematography

  13. Photo of Joly Braga Santos

    Joly Braga Santos Music

  14. Photo of Luís Pinto Coelho

    Luís Pinto Coelho Producer

  15. Photo of Heliodoro Pires

    Heliodoro Pires Sound

  16. Photo of Luís Sousa Santos

    Luís Sousa Santos Sound