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  1. José Neves's rating of the film Chain Letters

    It would be inevitable that Rappaport's options brought him to this state of fictional relapse, lost that were his initial premises: figurative and thematic freedom, the idiosyncrasies that so well demarcated him. We only stay with a pale demonstration of a "want-to-do" narrative, who loses a lot when compared to John Sayles, after all the independent filmmaker who best knew how to do it without losing his "voice".

  2. Elston's rating of the film Chain Letters

    That cover doesn't look right. Anyway, it's too bad Local Color & Imposters aren't on this website! Local Color may be one of the very best films I've ever seen.

  3. Andy Rector's rating of the film Chain Letters

    The still representing Rappaport's film is from Jem Cohen's CHAIN.

  4. David Grillo's rating of the film Chain Letters

    We don't usually see a filmmaker act completely as a poet he is a director first their poetry is said in gestures, moments and images over a vocation, closer to the painter than the author but with Rappaport his scenes pick up in verses and films a stride, you can see the poet in his poetry. Through some hit or miss acting and his style of writing and narrative is an image that is artistically grounded.

  5. Aflwydd's rating of the film Chain Letters

    The cover definitely needs to be changed.

  6. Corinne's rating of the film Chain Letters

    Why are the cute ones always shitheads?