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  1. Diderot's rating of the film Chained

    Crawford and Gable are sexy together, but the subtext of the plot (the paternal "father-husband" passing the ownership of his beloved "daughter-wife" to the virile object of her desire) is a bit much to take.

  2. Matt Reddick's rating of the film Chained

  3. le Gars's rating of the film Chained

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Chained

    Scrupulous Joan Crawford hesitates between Apollinian Otto Kruger and Dionysian Clark Gable. Tough choice for her to make between a life at the opera and in NYC and a life in the Argentinean pampa riding horses. As both male characters are wealthy enough to offer Joan all what she wants, she'll have to ask herself the ultimate question: Who am I really in love with? Highly recommended.