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  1. Photo of Jimmyo Burril

    Jimmyo Burril Director, Sound Screenplay

  2. Photo of April Monique Burril

    April Monique Burril Cast

  3. Photo of Mark Redfield

    Mark Redfield Cast and Producer

  4. Photo of Gunnar Hansen

    Gunnar Hansen Cast

  5. Photo of Kristen Hudson

    Kristen Hudson Cast

  6. Photo of Herschell Gordon Lewis

    Herschell Gordon Lewis Cast

  7. Photo of Alec Joseph

    Alec Joseph Cast

  8. Photo of David R. Calhoun

    David R. Calhoun Cast

  9. Photo of Mike Flanagan

    Mike Flanagan Cinematography

  10. Photo of Jamie Taylor

    Jamie Taylor Music

  11. Photo of Stuart Voytilla

    Stuart Voytilla Producer

  12. Photo of Shawn Jones

    Shawn Jones Producer

  13. Photo of Kit Bateman

    Kit Bateman Executive Producer

  14. Photo of David Calhoun

    David Calhoun Executive Producer

  15. Photo of John Hutchinson

    John Hutchinson Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Rick Kelton

    Rick Kelton Executive Producer

  17. Photo of John Krokidas

    John Krokidas Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Roland Mazzone

    Roland Mazzone Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Sean Paul Murphy

    Sean Paul Murphy Editing