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  1. Photo of Shimit Amin

    Shimit Amin Director

  2. Photo of Jaideep Sahni

    Jaideep Sahni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aditya Chopra

    Aditya Chopra Producer

  4. Photo of Yash Chopra

    Yash Chopra Producer

  5. Photo of Aashish Singh

    Aashish Singh Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Salim Merchant

    Salim Merchant Music

  7. Photo of Suleiman Merchant

    Suleiman Merchant Music

  8. Photo of Sudeep Chatterjee

    Sudeep Chatterjee Cinematography

  9. Photo of Amitabh Shukla

    Amitabh Shukla Editing

  10. Photo of Sukant Panigrahy

    Sukant Panigrahy Production Design

  11. Photo of Manas Choudhury

    Manas Choudhury Sound

  12. Photo of Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan Cast

  13. Photo of Vidya Malvade

    Vidya Malvade Cast

  14. Photo of Tanya Abrol

    Tanya Abrol Cast

  15. Photo of Chitrashi Rawat

    Chitrashi Rawat Cast

  16. Photo of Arya Menon

    Arya Menon Cast

  17. Photo of Seema Azmi

    Seema Azmi Cast

  18. Photo of Nisha Nair

    Nisha Nair Cast

  19. Photo of Sandia Furtado

    Sandia Furtado Cast

  20. Photo of Masochon V. Zimik

    Masochon V. Zimik Cast

  21. Photo of Shilpa Shukla

    Shilpa Shukla Cast

  22. Photo of Anaitha Nair

    Anaitha Nair Cast

  23. Photo of Sagarika Ghatge

    Sagarika Ghatge Cast

  24. Photo of Javed Khan

    Javed Khan Cast

  25. Photo of Vibha Chhibber

    Vibha Chhibber Cast

  26. Photo of Jayshree Arora

    Jayshree Arora Cast

  27. Photo of Nakul Vaid

    Nakul Vaid Cast

  28. Photo of Vivan Bhatena

    Vivan Bhatena Cast

  29. Photo of Mohit Chauhan

    Mohit Chauhan Cast