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  1. Photo of Wendell B. Harris Jr.

    Wendell B. Harris Jr. Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Wendell B. Harris

    Wendell B. Harris Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dave Barber

    Dave Barber Cast

  4. Photo of Marti Bowling

    Marti Bowling Cast

  5. Photo of Alfred Bruce Bradley

    Alfred Bruce Bradley Cast

  6. Photo of Mano Breckinridge

    Mano Breckinridge Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Ennis

    Anthony Ennis Cast

  8. Photo of Amina Fakir

    Amina Fakir Cast

  9. Photo of Maurice Givens

    Maurice Givens Cast

  10. Photo of Anita Gordon

    Anita Gordon Cast

  11. Photo of Gary Irwin

    Gary Irwin Cast

  12. Photo of Davon Kiley

    Davon Kiley Cast

  13. Photo of Angela Leslie

    Angela Leslie Cast

  14. Photo of Paula McGee

    Paula McGee Cast

  15. Photo of Dimitri Muganias

    Dimitri Muganias Cast

  16. Photo of Marty Smith

    Marty Smith Cast

  17. Photo of Henry Watkins

    Henry Watkins Cast

  18. Photo of Coleman Young

    Coleman Young Cast

  19. Photo of Bruce Giffin

    Bruce Giffin Cast

  20. Photo of Daniel S. Noga

    Daniel S. Noga Cinematography

  21. Photo of Peter S. Moore

    Peter S. Moore Music

  22. Photo of Timothy Alvaro

    Timothy Alvaro Production Design and Cast

  23. Photo of Dan Lawton

    Dan Lawton Producer

  24. Photo of Matthew Mallinson

    Matthew Mallinson Editing

  25. Photo of Anthony 'Spike' Simms

    Anthony 'Spike' Simms Sound