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  1. Photo of Ravi Raja Pinisetty

    Ravi Raja Pinisetty Director

  2. Photo of G. Sathyamurthy

    G. Sathyamurthy Screenplay

  3. Photo of P. Vasu

    P. Vasu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ravi Teja

    Ravi Teja Cast

  5. Photo of Charmy

    Charmy Cast

  6. Photo of Atul Kulakarni

    Atul Kulakarni Cast

  7. Photo of Ranganadh

    Ranganadh Cast

  8. Photo of Subba Raju

    Subba Raju Cast

  9. Photo of Subramaniam Dharmavarapu

    Subramaniam Dharmavarapu Cast

  10. Photo of Revathi

    Revathi Cast

  11. Photo of Benarjee

    Benarjee Cast

  12. Photo of Raghu Babu

    Raghu Babu Cast

  13. Photo of Venu Madhav

    Venu Madhav Cast

  14. Photo of M.S. Narayana

    M.S. Narayana Cast

  15. Photo of Lakshmipati

    Lakshmipati Cast

  16. Photo of Narra

    Narra Cast

  17. Photo of Malladi Raghava

    Malladi Raghava Cast

  18. Photo of Raja Ravindra

    Raja Ravindra Cast

  19. Photo of Mallikharjuna Rao

    Mallikharjuna Rao Cast