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  1. Photo of Thiago Ricarte

    Thiago Ricarte Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Lima Ricos

    Lima Ricos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Melina Anthis

    Melina Anthis Cast

  4. Photo of Zeca Auricchio

    Zeca Auricchio Cast

  5. Photo of Walter Girardelli

    Walter Girardelli Cast

  6. Photo of Renato Coelho

    Renato Coelho Cinematography and Producer

  7. Photo of Lara Lima

    Lara Lima Producer

  8. Photo of Patricia Pastorello

    Patricia Pastorello Producer

  9. Photo of Gabriel Meirelles Pinto

    Gabriel Meirelles Pinto Editing and Producer

  10. Photo of Felipe Chiaramonte

    Felipe Chiaramonte Sound