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  1. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Charade

    Oh Audrey! You’ve got me smitten yet again!

  2. DebraM's rating of the film Charade

    Everything about this movie, from Hepburn & Grant's charm, the great ensemble cast, obvious story nods to Hitchcock, the beauty of Paris and those gorgeous Givenchy clothes hark back to the glamour of old Hollywood. It's funny and sweet and at times, quite suspenseful but it's a nostalgia for days (and films) long gone and the dialogue at times borders on silly. But we all need a little bit of silly sometimes!

  3. 94..'s rating of the film Charade

  4. thomasjeff16's rating of the film Charade

  5. Le temps perdu's rating of the film Charade

    An abundance of cheesy dialogue and an akward age difference between Hepburn and Grant don't prevent enjoying this colourful movie, thanks to the outfits of Audrey Hepburn and the setting of Paris in the sixties.

  6. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Charade

    Definitely the most "Hitchcockian" movie I've seen that he didn't actually make — for several reasons including the punishment of the "woman who looks", Cary Grant, a wrongly accused individual, exotic/foreign setting, dastardly villains, mistaken identities, artsy title sequence like the ones Saul Bass did for him... Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn have great chemistry, despite the laughable age disparity.

  7. dianadhm's rating of the film Charade

    Fascinatingly distinct. It seems to be called 'the best Hitchock film that wasn't made by Hithcock'...may I add - if he would've laid off that dry humor and platonic female figures and tried screwball comedy -> this masterpiece of a Sunday night thriller.

  8. ASINED's rating of the film Charade

    the suspense was killing meeee

  9. msmichel's rating of the film Charade

    Revered by many as a classic but personally I find the scripting a little hackneyed and the May-December romance a little desperate and forced. Hepburn is certainly charming and her wardrobe extraordinary but the overall film is just entertaining.

  10. Elena's rating of the film Charade

  11. Naoya Kugimiya's rating of the film Charade

  12. Steve McGee's rating of the film Charade

    My favorite with Audrey. All the characters played by the best-fitting cast. Music is awesome, by Mancini. Titles alone are worth watching. Has an edge on How to Steal A Million in my opinion.

  13. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Charade

    The best Hitchcock film that was not directed by Hitchcock. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn make one of cinema's perfect movie couples. Supporting cast is also top notch and it has a great line-up of the "usual suspects" from that era. While the plot is a little predictable and some of the comedy is a tiny bit dated it is so filled with great moments it is hard to not find something to love here.

  14. FISCHER's rating of the film Charade

    On s'amuse de bon coeur !

  15. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Charade

    What is it with Walter Matthau as the CIA man on the ground? First Hopscotch and now this. Hepburn and Grant both on breezy autopilot, Grant maybe more so as he never really feels very invested in what is happening. Maybe a symptom of the chameleonic figure he's playing, but the whole thing doesn't quite click.

  16. cin-e-phile22's rating of the film Charade

    If only another actress were cast by Donen instead of Audrey Hepburn. She puts on an air of fake charm around her in many scenes which happened to be her trademark style. Funny, once upon a time I used to like her.

  17. Ella's rating of the film Charade

    Comedy. Action. Romance. This movie has everything in one! Plus who can beat the charming combo of Audrey Hepburn & Cary Grant

  18. TheCinemaAdventurist's rating of the film Charade

    I enjoy this film a lot. However, sometimes the complexity of the plot and characters can be a bit much for me and not being able to catch everything on the first viewing. Subject to change as always :)

  19. Vincent Balcer's rating of the film Charade

  20. Pierre.F's rating of the film Charade

    Très grand film avec une narration très efficace. Servi par Cary Grant et Audrey Hepburn. Très cool en plus de voir un film presque entièrement tourné à Paris de cette qualité. Mélange assez unique de romance à la Marivaux et de thriller.

  21. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Charade

    Mon 1er vient des nombreux coups de feu de ce film Mon 2ème dit oui en russe dans ce film polyglotte Mon Tout serait ravie par ce film tout autant amusant que palpitant ! Un vrai chef d'œuvre !

  22. Adrien Fonda's rating of the film Charade

    Charming and funny and stunning. And disturbing : how can't we be put bad at ease with that Oldman/Young lady couple ? Although, Hepburn and Grant are great, the couple doesn't work for me. It stands for the bad old days.

  23. Quattro's rating of the film Charade

    It brilliantly plays with all the clichés of the genre, and even if some gags aged worse than the others it manages to keep up the pace until the end. Hepburn is so pretty and elegant, but her overacting was quite annoying at times. And she's got to eat something, for heaven's sake.

  24. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Charade

    If you're going to pastiche then do it with this sense of romping fun where all parties are on top form. It's a tad overlong but is crafted with such skill and surface style that time passes by very amiably.

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