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  1. Photo of Alan Rafkin

    Alan Rafkin Director

  2. Photo of Tony Singletary

    Tony Singletary Director

  3. Photo of Lee Lochhead

    Lee Lochhead Director

  4. Photo of Phil Ramuno

    Phil Ramuno Director

  5. Photo of Zane Buzby

    Zane Buzby Director

  6. Photo of Bob Claver

    Bob Claver Director

  7. Photo of Lee Miller

    Lee Miller Director

  8. Photo of John Robins

    John Robins Director

  9. Photo of Thomas Klein

    Thomas Klein Director

  10. Photo of Steven Robman

    Steven Robman Director

  11. Photo of Brian Levant

    Brian Levant Director

  12. Photo of Norman Abbott

    Norman Abbott Director

  13. Photo of Doug Rogers

    Doug Rogers Director

  14. Photo of Dwayne Hickman

    Dwayne Hickman Director

  15. Photo of Mary Lou Belli

    Mary Lou Belli Director

  16. Photo of Christine Ballard

    Christine Ballard Director

  17. Photo of Pamela Pettler

    Pamela Pettler Screenplay

  18. Photo of Mike Reiss

    Mike Reiss Screenplay

  19. Photo of Marc Sotkin

    Marc Sotkin Screenplay

  20. Photo of Judy Pioli

    Judy Pioli Screenplay

  21. Photo of George Tibbles

    George Tibbles Screenplay

  22. Photo of Larry Balmagia

    Larry Balmagia Screenplay

  23. Photo of Scott Baio

    Scott Baio Cast and Director

  24. Photo of Willie Aames

    Willie Aames Cast

  25. Photo of Julie Cobb

    Julie Cobb Cast

  26. Photo of James Widdoes

    James Widdoes Cast

  27. Photo of April Lerman

    April Lerman Cast

  28. Photo of Jonathan Ward

    Jonathan Ward Cast

  29. Photo of Michael Pearlman

    Michael Pearlman Cast

  30. Photo of Jennifer Runyon

    Jennifer Runyon Cast

  31. Photo of John Zarchen

    John Zarchen Cast

  32. Photo of David Kurtz

    David Kurtz Music

  33. Photo of Michael Jacobs

    Michael Jacobs Executive Producer, Music Screenplay