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  1. Photo of Tom Berenger

    Tom Berenger Cast

  2. Photo of William McNamara

    William McNamara Cast

  3. Photo of Erika Eleniak

    Erika Eleniak Cast

  4. Photo of Crispin Glover

    Crispin Glover Cast

  5. Photo of Dean Stockwell

    Dean Stockwell Cast

  6. Photo of Bitty Schram

    Bitty Schram Cast

  7. Photo of Gary Busey

    Gary Busey Cast

  8. Photo of Seymour Cassel

    Seymour Cassel Cast

  9. Photo of Frederic Forrest

    Frederic Forrest Cast

  10. Photo of Marilu Henner

    Marilu Henner Cast

  11. Photo of Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper Director and Cast

  12. Photo of Joe Batteer

    Joe Batteer Screenplay

  13. Photo of John Rice

    John Rice Screenplay

  14. Photo of Dan Gilroy

    Dan Gilroy Screenplay

  15. Photo of Gary Barber

    Gary Barber Executive Producer

  16. Photo of James G. Robinson

    James G. Robinson Producer

  17. Photo of Pete Anderson

    Pete Anderson Music

  18. Photo of Dwight Yoakam

    Dwight Yoakam Music

  19. Photo of Ueli Steiger

    Ueli Steiger Cinematography

  20. Photo of Christian Wagner

    Christian Wagner Editing

  21. Photo of Robert Pearson

    Robert Pearson Production Design