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  1. Photo of Viktor Ivanov

    Viktor Ivanov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mikhail Staritsky

    Mikhail Staritsky Play

  3. Photo of Oleg Borisov

    Oleg Borisov Cast

  4. Photo of Margarita Krinitsyna

    Margarita Krinitsyna Cast

  5. Photo of Nikolay Yakovchenko

    Nikolay Yakovchenko Cast

  6. Photo of Anna Kushnirenko

    Anna Kushnirenko Cast

  7. Photo of Nonna Koperzhinskaya

    Nonna Koperzhinskaya Cast

  8. Photo of Natalya Naum

    Natalya Naum Cast

  9. Photo of Anatoli Yurchenko

    Anatoli Yurchenko Cast

  10. Photo of Taisiya Litvinenko

    Taisiya Litvinenko Cast

  11. Photo of Konstantin Ershov

    Konstantin Ershov Cast

  12. Photo of Olga Vikland

    Olga Vikland Cast

  13. Photo of Lyudmila Alfimova

    Lyudmila Alfimova Cast

  14. Photo of Nina Antonova

    Nina Antonova Cast

  15. Photo of Vadim Ilyenko

    Vadim Ilyenko Cinematography

  16. Photo of Vadim Gomolyaka

    Vadim Gomolyaka Music

  17. Photo of Iosif Yutsevich

    Iosif Yutsevich Production Design

  18. Photo of Rostislav Maksimtsov

    Rostislav Maksimtsov Sound

  19. Photo of Lidiya Bajkova

    Lidiya Bajkova Costume Design