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  1. Photo of Paul Planchon

    Paul Planchon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Emmanuel Fonlladosa

    Emmanuel Fonlladosa Director

  3. Photo of Georges Conchon

    Georges Conchon Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean-Pierre Petrolacci

    Jean-Pierre Petrolacci Screenplay

  5. Photo of Beatrice Rubinstein

    Beatrice Rubinstein Screenplay

  6. Photo of Serge Friedman

    Serge Friedman Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Pierre Nivollet

    Pierre Nivollet Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jean Bany

    Jean Bany Screenplay

  9. Photo of Michel Legris

    Michel Legris Screenplay

  10. Photo of José-André Lacour

    José-André Lacour Screenplay

  11. Photo of Odile Barski

    Odile Barski Screenplay

  12. Photo of François Migeat

    François Migeat Screenplay

  13. Photo of Jean-Marie Guillaume

    Jean-Marie Guillaume Screenplay

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Galland

    Jean-Pierre Galland Screenplay

  15. Photo of Sylvie Meyer

    Sylvie Meyer Screenplay

  16. Photo of Laurence Jyl

    Laurence Jyl Screenplay

  17. Photo of Chantal Nobel

    Chantal Nobel Cast

  18. Photo of Raymond Pellegrin

    Raymond Pellegrin Cast

  19. Photo of Luc Merenda

    Luc Merenda Cast

  20. Photo of Georges Marchal

    Georges Marchal Cast

  21. Photo of Jean Davy

    Jean Davy Cast

  22. Photo of Barbara Cupisti

    Barbara Cupisti Cast

  23. Photo of Denis Savignat

    Denis Savignat Cast

  24. Photo of Pierre Hatet

    Pierre Hatet Cast

  25. Photo of Philippe Rouleau

    Philippe Rouleau Cast

  26. Photo of Claude-Oliver Rudolph

    Claude-Oliver Rudolph Cast

  27. Photo of Ugo Pagliai

    Ugo Pagliai Cast

  28. Photo of Sylvia Zerbib

    Sylvia Zerbib Cast

  29. Photo of Évelyne Dandry

    Évelyne Dandry Cast

  30. Photo of Vincent Gauthier

    Vincent Gauthier Cast

  31. Photo of Patrick Burgel

    Patrick Burgel Cast

  32. Photo of Sylvie Fennec

    Sylvie Fennec Cast

  33. Photo of Malka Ribowska

    Malka Ribowska Cast

  34. Photo of Jean-Michel Molé

    Jean-Michel Molé Cast

  35. Photo of Marie Keime

    Marie Keime Cast

  36. Photo of Gérard Buhr

    Gérard Buhr Cast

  37. Photo of François Perrot

    François Perrot Cast

  38. Photo of Catherine Alcover

    Catherine Alcover Cast

  39. Photo of Christine Fabréga

    Christine Fabréga Cast

  40. Photo of Alexandre Rignault

    Alexandre Rignault Cast

  41. Photo of Emilie Benoît

    Emilie Benoît Cast

  42. Photo of Nadine Alari

    Nadine Alari Cast

  43. Photo of Muriel Montossé

    Muriel Montossé Cast

  44. Photo of Jacques Morel

    Jacques Morel Cast

  45. Photo of Yann Dedet

    Yann Dedet Cast

  46. Photo of Gilles Schrempp

    Gilles Schrempp Cinematography

  47. Photo of Vladimir Cosma

    Vladimir Cosma Music

  48. Photo of Daniel Sarmir

    Daniel Sarmir Production Design

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