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  1. Photo of Otilio Garcia

    Otilio Garcia Producer

  2. Photo of Josetxo Moreno

    Josetxo Moreno Producer

  3. Photo of Pedro Zaratiegui

    Pedro Zaratiegui Producer

  4. Photo of Camilo Vives

    Camilo Vives Producer

  5. Photo of Carlos Ruta

    Carlos Ruta Producer

  6. Photo of Javier Julia

    Javier Julia Cinematography

  7. Photo of José María del Peón

    José María del Peón Editing

  8. Photo of Carolina Scaglione

    Carolina Scaglione Editing and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Gabriel Golzman

    Gabriel Golzman Editing

  10. Photo of Fredrico Jusid "Metronome"

    Fredrico Jusid "Metronome" Music

  11. Photo of Tristán Bauer

    Tristán Bauer Director and Screenplay