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  1. Photo of Melville W. Brown

    Melville W. Brown Director

  2. Photo of Freeman F. Gosden

    Freeman F. Gosden Cast

  3. Photo of Charles J. Correll

    Charles J. Correll Cast

  4. Photo of Sue Carol

    Sue Carol Cast

  5. Photo of Irene Rich

    Irene Rich Cast

  6. Photo of Ralf Harolde

    Ralf Harolde Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Morton

    Charles Morton Cast

  8. Photo of Edward Martindel

    Edward Martindel Cast

  9. Photo of Rita La Roy

    Rita La Roy Cast

  10. Photo of Russ Powell

    Russ Powell Cast

  11. Photo of Duke Ellington

    Duke Ellington Cast

  12. Photo of Bing Crosby

    Bing Crosby Cast