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  1. Photo of Vsevolod Pudovkin

    Vsevolod Pudovkin Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Nikolai Shpikovsky

    Nikolai Shpikovsky Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Vladimir Fogel

    Vladimir Fogel Cast

  4. Photo of Anna Zemtsova

    Anna Zemtsova Cast

  5. Photo of Natalya Glan

    Natalya Glan Cast

  6. Photo of Yuli Raizman

    Yuli Raizman Cast

  7. Photo of Mikhail Zharov

    Mikhail Zharov Cast

  8. Photo of Ivan Koval-Samborsky

    Ivan Koval-Samborsky Cast

  9. Photo of Anatoli Ktorov

    Anatoli Ktorov Cast

  10. Photo of Yakov Protazanov

    Yakov Protazanov Cast

  11. Photo of Fyodor Otsep

    Fyodor Otsep Cast

  12. Photo of Konstantin Eggert

    Konstantin Eggert Cast

  13. Photo of Pyotr Baksheyev

    Pyotr Baksheyev Cast

  14. Photo of Boris Barnet

    Boris Barnet Cast

  15. Photo of Fyodor Ivanov

    Fyodor Ivanov Cast

  16. Photo of Zakhar Darevsky

    Zakhar Darevsky Cast

  17. Photo of José Raúl Capablanca

    José Raúl Capablanca Cast

  18. Photo of Vladimir Nabokov

    Vladimir Nabokov Cast

  19. Photo of Anatoli Golovnya

    Anatoli Golovnya Cinematography

  20. Photo of Roger White

    Roger White Music