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  1. Photo of Andrea Barzini

    Andrea Barzini Director

  2. Photo of Gianfrancesco Lazotti

    Gianfrancesco Lazotti Director

  3. Photo of Giorgio Basile

    Giorgio Basile Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roberta Colombo

    Roberta Colombo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francesca Melandri

    Francesca Melandri Screenplay

  6. Photo of Silvia Degli Espinosa

    Silvia Degli Espinosa Cast

  7. Photo of Ottavia Piccolo

    Ottavia Piccolo Cast

  8. Photo of Alessandro Haber

    Alessandro Haber Cast

  9. Photo of Galeazzo Benti

    Galeazzo Benti Cast

  10. Photo of Didi Perego

    Didi Perego Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea Giovagnoni

    Andrea Giovagnoni Cast

  12. Photo of Morena Turchi

    Morena Turchi Cast

  13. Photo of Carlo Monni

    Carlo Monni Cast

  14. Photo of Stefano Masciarelli

    Stefano Masciarelli Cast

  15. Photo of Elisabetta Ferracini

    Elisabetta Ferracini Cast

  16. Photo of Samuela Sardo

    Samuela Sardo Cast

  17. Photo of Victor Cavallo

    Victor Cavallo Cast

  18. Photo of Massimiliano Pani

    Massimiliano Pani Music

  19. Photo of Mauro Cappelloni

    Mauro Cappelloni Producer