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  1. cosmicambience's rating of the film Chicken

    Sensitive, if a little raw, with overt lyrical echoes of Hines and Meadows informing the sense of kinship with nature and the broken, abusively masculine familial dynamic that provides the typically sombre realist subject matter. Appreciated the use of landscape, with nuanced characters populating the lush, sparse greenery of southern England, beneath the breadline and essentially alien to capitalist urban milieu.

  2. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Chicken

    A brave film that could so easily have gone wrong and descended into either misanthropy or schmaltz. Instead, Stephenson shows great judgement and portrays society's outliers with empathy and sensitivity. Well paced, beautifully filmed and some outstanding acting performances. Excellent directorial debut.

  3. Zoe Michell's rating of the film Chicken

    Electric. Totally absorbing. I love Richard!

  4. Rosie Coombe's rating of the film Chicken

    Heartbreaking. Scott Chambers was brilliant although was less convinced by Yasmin Paige. Haven't cried like that in a movie in a long time - was a blubbering wreck!

  5. Jonathan Smith's rating of the film Chicken

    A superb example of gritty British drama in the 21st Century. Moving on from the chimney stacks and cobbled streets of Kitchen Sink dramas, Chicken focuses on the true outliers of society. Watkins and Chambers both give excellent performances as their damaged characters filled with ennui. Often realist dramas lapse into rainy long shots & muted interaction, but Chicken pumps its story with hard hitting, raw emotion.

  6. Tyler's rating of the film Chicken

    Although Chicken has likable performances and a good story, it comes across as though it has no confidence in itself by trying to over emphasize with a very poorly used/composed soundtrack. It also slightly cripples itself with a final act so emotionally manipulative with contrived plot devices that it borders on insulting.

  7. leonard-on-his-bike's rating of the film Chicken

    Honestly, I really didn't enjoy this film very much. There were some poignant points, and some scenes were very powerful, but for the most part I felt like the acting was weak and unbelievable, especially Yasmin. Felt forced, slightly confusing at points and I just didn't care enough about the characters.

  8. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Chicken

    Great little film, short and to the point. Great precision performance from Scott Chambers and the drama is both brutal and tender when appropriate.

  9. Mike Baker's rating of the film Chicken

    I'd never heard of this one - glad I've seen it now though. I think it will stay with me for some time.

  10. Bitchcraft's rating of the film Chicken

    Gritty and incredibly moving. Difficult to watch at times. The poverty and despair are palpable.

  11. Kevino's rating of the film Chicken

    Stunning photography. Emotional.

  12. mattywuh's rating of the film Chicken

    Mixed opinions for this one. Some very strong performances by the actors were slightly tainted by the plot of a rather standard melodrama, and the whole film was made almost unbearable by the out of place musical score.

  13. iamgarethjones's rating of the film Chicken

    A good rollercoaster of a drama with really difficult to watch lows and some really heartwarming highs. There's some excellent acting here from the main characters and especially Scott Chambers as Richard who will surely be a rising star.

  14. AnnaMaryRyder's rating of the film Chicken

    Poor script, under-developed narrative. Seems to be led by a desire to be'gritty' but patronizes nearly all of its characters.

  15. Felicity Green's rating of the film Chicken

    A harrowing depiction of life stripped bare in rural modern Britain. Like Of Mice and Men, but without the solidarity and with a surprisingly redemptive ending

  16. adelle kirk's rating of the film Chicken

    Just watched this! amazing film, by Joe Stephenson. A must watch you can get it on Mubi for the next few days or so!

  17. raggiodisole's rating of the film Chicken

    Left numb and impressed. Hints of Shane Meadows. Powerful storytelling.

  18. Franklyn's rating of the film Chicken

    Quite one of the most affecting films I have ever witnessed. Chambers's acting is faultless aided by first class supporting actors. An extraordinary and unforgettable film.

  19.'s rating of the film Chicken

    A beautiful film and a great performance by Scott Chambers with a twist built in it will leave you gobsmacked.

  20. DanB3000's rating of the film Chicken

    Scott Chambers does a fantastic job but the other characters are unconvincingly portrayed and the story is typical Brit dingecore with (I imagine) the happy ending (couldn't watch it through).

  21. Minna's rating of the film Chicken

    there was so much warmth in this in spite of everything (including those beautiful blue tones!!). scott chambers' performance was exceptional.

  22. Susan Burke's rating of the film Chicken

    Loved this film. Showed raw emotion, sometimes cruel but necessary. The young actors did the film justice. Great twist at the end and more fabulous acting from Scott Chambers and Yasmine Paige.

  23. Mary Enna de Soissons's rating of the film Chicken

    Beautifully acted by all the three main protagonists. Delicately observed and funny in the midst of harrowing circumstances. A great film.

  24. Vanessa Perkins's rating of the film Chicken

    This film catches every emotion. Definitely a must see.

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