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  1. Ingrid Bergman's rating of the film Child 44

    Such a disappointment after having read the book. Tom Hardy makes a good fist of his role as Leo Demidov, the main protagonist in the film (aside from his woeful accent). And the cinematography is great with the natural beauty of the Russian countryside providing a stark contrast to the grittiness of life in the immediate post Stalin era. However, the screenplay for the movie is substantially inferior to the book.

  2. Bertirima's rating of the film Child 44

    Ceritanya bagus. Kebanyakan subplot. Aksen rusia maksa

  3. bonucci's rating of the film Child 44

  4. pluviosity's rating of the film Child 44

    It's piles of loose thread of plots and side stories the movie wouldn't even bother to explain/finish, all jumbled into one big chaotic hairy ball. All the while, the movie keep trying to be as Rrrrusian as possible, even with that godawful broken English accent from the all non-Russian cast...

  5. Anna Saraeva's rating of the film Child 44

    A sad attempt to speculate on late Stalinist period, with fake Russian accents turning it into a complete farce. Could've done way better with the cast and the idea.

  6. Paul Relf's rating of the film Child 44

    A whole lot better than I was expecting after reading the reviews here and in other places. Great cast and great ending.

  7. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Child 44

    Managed to turn a book which was a fun page turner into a pompous dull crime drama with comedy Russian accents

  8. come-in-alone's rating of the film Child 44

    2.5. All the way through it seems like an average TV film but with a stellar cast. Tom Hardy is brilliant and the story is interesting but so poorly developed and executed. Ultimately it is quite dull. Also Noomi Rapace's coloured contact lenses... Nah.

  9. Arf's rating of the film Child 44

    come sfruttare male un buon cast e una buona storia

  10. Rita Moreira's rating of the film Child 44

    Not really into that fake Russian accent

  11. Carolina Sousa's rating of the film Child 44

    Americans in a movie about Russia, talking with "russian" accent? not cool, bro

  12. Joao Francisco Pinho's rating of the film Child 44

    Tudo porque: "No Paraíso não há assassinos".

  13. J. O.'s rating of the film Child 44

    Wholly disappointing, despite the (usually) talented cast and great art direction. The Chiktailo-inspired story gets completely ignored in favour of very bloated tiptoeing around the idea that the Soviet Union was strict. What else is new? The pace was awful, and the thrills were too few and far between, and too kinetic - to the point of confusion. There were also horrible accents at every turn. Eyes were rolled.

  14. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Child 44

    2+. After a century of nazi-bashing it's now time for soviet-bashing? Ah yes, Russia is becoming big again, it's important....

  15. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Child 44

    Non và, non funziona proprio.L'ambientazione è curata e la messa in scena è di livello come si conviene ad una grossa produzione,ma lo script e la mano sono davvero poca cosa;si parla di omicidi di bambini come di sottovasi,la gestione della tensione è ridicola,tutto è sempre eccessivamente pulito e la matassa si dipana in 3 minuti....mattonazzo prolisso,in cui non vedi l'ora del The End.

  16. Ultra Kebab's rating of the film Child 44

  17. galuh indri's rating of the film Child 44

    Interesting story-line, poor execution on the story telling. But I like the suspense atmosphere. Bonus star for the great casts; Tom and Paddy of course. Considering to read the book now.

  18. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Child 44

    No focus or coherence on any level whatsoever on what could have been a noir set in Stalinist Russia.

  19. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Child 44

    I actually liked this a lot! Noomi and Hardy's great teamwork, the film showed great determination in emotion and colour. Looked incredibly realistic, not even mentioning it's political content. Great effort in my opinion.

  20. Tigrão's rating of the film Child 44

    Without doubt, it's a bit of a mess, probably from trying to tackle too many themes, but Tom Hardy never disappoints.

  21. Oana M's rating of the film Child 44

  22. Palmat's rating of the film Child 44

    A hot mess that veers close to disaster. The cast is beyond awesome but they are left with dodgy accents and shallow stereotypes. The production design is however very good. The direction is not very good since neither the story nor the acting reaches any sort of coherence so that the movie can gain some sorely needed narrative drive. And the action scenes must be the worst shot and edited ever commited to celluloid.

  23. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Child 44

    Don't understand all the negative reviews. A good thriller with emotions.

  24. eek's rating of the film Child 44

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