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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Diana Smeu's rating of the film Child Mother

    harsh way to extrack stories :(

  2. Penelope q's rating of the film Child Mother

    So painful to see the pain, lives still in the heart of this women. "my heart is stone..."

  3. moniquekidman's rating of the film Child Mother

    These are vital stories that need to be told; however, the manner in which these stories are extracted from their subjects sours the impact. The constant protests of "I don't want to re-live this pain" and "It's too hurtful to recall these memories," while speaking volumes to the unspeakable acts committed to these women, also color the film with an exploitative tone once the stories are forced out.

  4. Andreja Mesarič's rating of the film Child Mother

    I was a bit reluctant to watch this as this topic is often treated in such an essentialist and stereotyped way but this was done exquisitely well.

  5. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Child Mother

    Like a page ripped from the Torah, but within living memory. Bearing witness to unbearable experiences. All the textures and the sounds extremely loud and incredibly close, like some of the harshness is being ground off on you (although with the painful awareness that your bearing witness grinds away nothing, that if a woman cannot heal by 100 she won't be healed by 101). Many of the women didn't want to speak at all

  6. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Child Mother

    Shining a light on the pain and damage caused by the "tradition" of child marriage (in this case, specifically in Yemen), this documentary details a number of cases through conversations between mothers and their adult children. The subject matter deserves a slightly better, and perhaps more in-depth, approach but this is worth a watch nonetheless.

  7. Superfrog's rating of the film Child Mother

    I want to be interested by the subject but the format keeps pushing me away. I tried twice. Some of the high impact photography is well done, but before introducing the subject works on our prejudices rather than on improving an understanding. Disappointing.

  8. Noëlle's rating of the film Child Mother

    An astonishing and heartbreaking film. Watching it, I remembered visiting my friend Amos's elderly Yemenite parents and noticing how ancient his fatter was compared to his mother, who was still cooking and caring for everyone. It all falls into place now

  9. SiIencio's rating of the film Child Mother

    This film gives visibility to a brutal social convention, a heartless practice kept alive through millenia, not specific of one single culture. The film does not dive deep into a more broader context but focuses primarily on the sheer pain and shame pouring from the eyes of the victims. It is simply those eyes what make us understand the level of abuse and subjugation inflicted to women through history.