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  1. Photo of Randa Haines

    Randa Haines Director

  2. Photo of Hesper Anderson

    Hesper Anderson Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Carrington

    James Carrington Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mark Medoff

    Mark Medoff Screenplay

  5. Photo of William Hurt

    William Hurt Cast

  6. Photo of Marlee Matlin

    Marlee Matlin Cast

  7. Photo of Piper Laurie

    Piper Laurie Cast

  8. Photo of Philip Bosco

    Philip Bosco Cast

  9. Photo of Allison Gompf

    Allison Gompf Cast

  10. Photo of John F. Cleary

    John F. Cleary Cast

  11. Photo of Philip Holmes

    Philip Holmes Cast

  12. Photo of Georgia Ann Cline

    Georgia Ann Cline Cast

  13. Photo of E. Katherine Kerr

    E. Katherine Kerr Cast

  14. Photo of Linda Bove

    Linda Bove Cast

  15. Photo of John Seale

    John Seale Cinematography

  16. Photo of Michael Convertino

    Michael Convertino Music

  17. Photo of Gene Callahan

    Gene Callahan Production Design

  18. Photo of Barbra Matis

    Barbra Matis Production Design

  19. Photo of Burt Sugarman

    Burt Sugarman Producer

  20. Photo of Patrick J. Palmer

    Patrick J. Palmer Producer

  21. Photo of Lisa Fruchtman

    Lisa Fruchtman Editing