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  1. Photo of Alan Maher

    Alan Maher Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Christiane Hinz

    Christiane Hinz Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robin Probyn

    Robin Probyn Cinematography

  4. Photo of Axel Schneppat

    Axel Schneppat Cinematography

  5. Photo of Bassem Fayad

    Bassem Fayad Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ulrike Meinhof

    Ulrike Meinhof Cast

  7. Photo of Fusako Shigenobu

    Fusako Shigenobu Cast

  8. Photo of May Shigenobu

    May Shigenobu Cast

  9. Photo of Bettina Röhl

    Bettina Röhl Cast

  10. Photo of Leila Khaled

    Leila Khaled Cast

  11. Photo of Masao Adachi

    Masao Adachi Cast

  12. Photo of Astrid Proll

    Astrid Proll Cast

  13. Photo of Ben Yeates

    Ben Yeates Editing

  14. Photo of Fergal McGrath

    Fergal McGrath Editing

  15. Photo of Shane O'Sullivan

    Shane O'Sullivan Editing, Director, Producer Screenplay

  16. Photo of Giles Packham

    Giles Packham Music

  17. Photo of Steve Yasui

    Steve Yasui Sound

  18. Photo of Victor Bresse

    Victor Bresse Sound

  19. Photo of Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer

    Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer Sound