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  1. Photo of Andreas Struck

    Andreas Struck Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tatjana Blacher

    Tatjana Blacher Cast

  3. Photo of Sebastian Blomberg

    Sebastian Blomberg Cast

  4. Photo of Barnaby Metschurat

    Barnaby Metschurat Cast

  5. Photo of Werner Heinrichmöller

    Werner Heinrichmöller Cast

  6. Photo of Daniel Ris

    Daniel Ris Cast

  7. Photo of Hanna Sibilski

    Hanna Sibilski Cast

  8. Photo of Rainer Winkelvoss

    Rainer Winkelvoss Cast

  9. Photo of Vera von Wolffersdorff

    Vera von Wolffersdorff Cast

  10. Photo of Andreas Stadler

    Andreas Stadler Cast

  11. Photo of Horst-Günter Marx

    Horst-Günter Marx Cast

  12. Photo of Jarreth J. Merz

    Jarreth J. Merz Cast

  13. Photo of Gerhard Hoffmann

    Gerhard Hoffmann Cast

  14. Photo of Horst Markgraf

    Horst Markgraf Cast

  15. Photo of Andreas Doub

    Andreas Doub Cinematography

  16. Photo of Anette Kuhn

    Anette Kuhn Production Design

  17. Photo of David Heredia

    David Heredia Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Sabine Pfeiffer

    Sabine Pfeiffer Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Philipp Stahl

    Philipp Stahl Editing

  20. Photo of Ivonne Gärber

    Ivonne Gärber Sound

  21. Photo of Jürgen Schönhoff

    Jürgen Schönhoff Sound