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  1. Photo of Henrik Ruben Genz

    Henrik Ruben Genz Director

  2. Photo of Kim Fupz Aakeson

    Kim Fupz Aakeson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dag Alveberg

    Dag Alveberg Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Johan Mardell

    Johan Mardell Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Gisle Kverndokk

    Gisle Kverndokk Music

  6. Photo of Sebastian Blenkov

    Sebastian Blenkov Cinematography

  7. Photo of Mette Zeruneith

    Mette Zeruneith Editing

  8. Photo of Niels Sejer

    Niels Sejer Production Design

  9. Photo of Henrik Langkilde

    Henrik Langkilde Sound

  10. Photo of Bjarne Henriksen

    Bjarne Henriksen Cast

  11. Photo of Vivian Wu

    Vivian Wu Cast

  12. Photo of Lin Kun Wu

    Lin Kun Wu Cast

  13. Photo of Paw Henriksen

    Paw Henriksen Cast

  14. Photo of Charlotte Fich

    Charlotte Fich Cast

  15. Photo of Chapper Kim

    Chapper Kim Cast

  16. Photo of Laura Bro

    Laura Bro Cast

  17. Photo of Peder Pedersen

    Peder Pedersen Cast

  18. Photo of Thomas Gammeltoft

    Thomas Gammeltoft Cast and Producer

  19. Photo of Mathias Sparre-Ulrich

    Mathias Sparre-Ulrich Cast

  20. Photo of Jeppe Kaas

    Jeppe Kaas Cast

  21. Photo of Johan Rabaeus

    Johan Rabaeus Cast

  22. Photo of Mogens Rex

    Mogens Rex Cast

  23. Photo of Nicolas Winding Refn

    Nicolas Winding Refn Cast

  24. Photo of Buppha Witt

    Buppha Witt Cast