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  1. Photo of Richard Groschopp

    Richard Groschopp Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Ebeling

    Wolfgang Ebeling Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Fenimore Cooper

    James Fenimore Cooper Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gojko Mitic

    Gojko Mitic Cast

  5. Photo of Rolf Römer

    Rolf Römer Cast

  6. Photo of Helmut Schreiber

    Helmut Schreiber Cast

  7. Photo of Jürgen Frohriep

    Jürgen Frohriep Cast

  8. Photo of Lilo Grahn

    Lilo Grahn Cast

  9. Photo of Andrea Drahota

    Andrea Drahota Cast

  10. Photo of Johannes Knittel

    Johannes Knittel Cast

  11. Photo of Adolf Peter Hoffmann

    Adolf Peter Hoffmann Cast

  12. Photo of Heinz Klevenow Jr.

    Heinz Klevenow Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Milan Jablonsky

    Milan Jablonsky Cast

  14. Photo of Horst Preusker

    Horst Preusker Cast

  15. Photo of Rudolf Ulrich

    Rudolf Ulrich Cast

  16. Photo of Karl Zugowski

    Karl Zugowski Cast

  17. Photo of Otto Hanisch

    Otto Hanisch Cinematography

  18. Photo of Wilhelm Neef

    Wilhelm Neef Music

  19. Photo of Paul Lehmann

    Paul Lehmann Production Design

  20. Photo of Helga Krause

    Helga Krause Editing

  21. Photo of Bernd Gerwien

    Bernd Gerwien Sound

  22. Photo of Günter Schmidt

    Günter Schmidt Costume Design