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  1. Photo of Hsu Hsiao-ming

    Hsu Hsiao-ming Producer

  2. Photo of Yang Hongyu

    Yang Hongyu Editing

  3. Photo of Fang Lei

    Fang Lei Editing

  4. Photo of Wu Di

    Wu Di Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lin Quanhai

    Lin Quanhai Cast

  6. Photo of Zhu Qing

    Zhu Qing Cast

  7. Photo of Xiao Hao

    Xiao Hao Cast

  8. Photo of Lin Bo

    Lin Bo Cast

  9. Photo of Wang Xueqi

    Wang Xueqi Cast

  10. Photo of Fan Bingbing

    Fan Bingbing Cast

  11. Photo of Hao Qin

    Hao Qin Cast

  12. Photo of Yi Zi

    Yi Zi Cast

  13. Photo of Wang Xiaoshuai

    Wang Xiaoshuai Screenplay, Director Producer

  14. Photo of Yishu Yang

    Yishu Yang Screenplay

  15. Photo of Peter Wong

    Peter Wong Music

  16. Photo of Fu Kang

    Fu Kang Sound