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  1. Photo of Steve Mitchell

    Steve Mitchell Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kelli Maroney

    Kelli Maroney Cast

  3. Photo of Tony O'Dell

    Tony O'Dell Cast

  4. Photo of Russell Todd

    Russell Todd Cast

  5. Photo of Karrie Emerson

    Karrie Emerson Cast

  6. Photo of Barbara Crampton

    Barbara Crampton Cast

  7. Photo of John Terlesky

    John Terlesky Cast

  8. Photo of Suzee Slater

    Suzee Slater Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Bartel

    Paul Bartel Cast

  10. Photo of Mary Woronov

    Mary Woronov Cast

  11. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  12. Photo of Gerrit Graham

    Gerrit Graham Cast

  13. Photo of Mel Welles

    Mel Welles Cast

  14. Photo of Angela Aames

    Angela Aames Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Coufos

    Paul Coufos Cast

  16. Photo of Jim Wynorski

    Jim Wynorski Cast, Director Screenplay

  17. Photo of Rodney Eastman

    Rodney Eastman Cast

  18. Photo of Tom Richmond

    Tom Richmond Cinematography

  19. Photo of Chuck Cirino

    Chuck Cirino Music

  20. Photo of Julie Corman

    Julie Corman Producer

  21. Photo of Ginny Nugent

    Ginny Nugent Producer

  22. Photo of Charles Skouras III

    Charles Skouras III Producer

  23. Photo of Leslie Rosenthal

    Leslie Rosenthal Editing

  24. Photo of Michael Ruscio

    Michael Ruscio Editing

  25. Photo of Brian Ufberg

    Brian Ufberg Editing

  26. Photo of George E. Mahlberg

    George E. Mahlberg Sound

  27. Photo of Walt Martin

    Walt Martin Sound

  28. Photo of R.J. Robertson

    R.J. Robertson Animation

  29. Photo of Roger George

    Roger George Special Effects

  30. Photo of Robert Short

    Robert Short Special Effects

  31. Photo of Steve Burg

    Steve Burg Visual Effects

  32. Photo of Linda Drake

    Linda Drake Visual Effects

  33. Photo of January Nordman

    January Nordman Visual Effects

  34. Photo of Jim Stewart

    Jim Stewart Visual Effects