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  1. Photo of Werner Herzog

    Werner Herzog Director, Narrator Screenplay

  2. Photo of Günther Klein

    Günther Klein Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Donald Arthur

    Donald Arthur Narrator

  4. Photo of Jorge Vignati

    Jorge Vignati Cinematography

  5. Photo of Edward Lachman

    Edward Lachman Cinematography

  6. Photo of Lena Pisetskaia

    Lena Pisetskaia Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gonzalo Tapia

    Gonzalo Tapia Cinematography

  8. Photo of Monika Kostinek

    Monika Kostinek Production Design

  9. Photo of Lucki Stipetic

    Lucki Stipetic Producer

  10. Photo of Martin Choroba

    Martin Choroba Producer

  11. Photo of Ulrich Harbecke

    Ulrich Harbecke Producer

  12. Photo of Luz María Rojas

    Luz María Rojas Producer

  13. Photo of Susanne Sturm

    Susanne Sturm Producer

  14. Photo of Alfonso Rios Montt

    Alfonso Rios Montt Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Joe Bini

    Joe Bini Editing

  16. Photo of Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo Editing

  17. Photo of Thomas Staunton

    Thomas Staunton Editing

  18. Photo of Francisco Adrianzén

    Francisco Adrianzén Sound

  19. Photo of Dave Nelson

    Dave Nelson Sound

  20. Photo of Josh Rosen

    Josh Rosen Sound

  21. Photo of Herbert Golder

    Herbert Golder Art Department

  22. Photo of Dirk Engwicht

    Dirk Engwicht Visual Effects

  23. Photo of Stephan Hempel

    Stephan Hempel Visual Effects