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  1. francisca bacon's rating of the film Christmas U.S.A.

    Where is Christmas in this film? Christmas to me means snow.. Then I remember how on a mountain road, in the evening, someone used to recount that fireflies are souls that haven’t found peace and punish those who walk the peaks at night. You smile condescendingly at the tall story, but not wholly unable to depict, in the rare bright spots that pulse beneath low branches, a lit window or bicycle lights, vital in need.

  2. josé neves's rating of the film Christmas U.S.A.

    A film that follows the initial experiences of some "american" independent filmmakers of the 60's - of films as "Pull my Daisy", Desistfilm" or "Anticipation of the Night", examples of the "poetic realism" of directors close to the Beat Generation, like Robert Frank or Stan Brakhage, in his beginnings. Debugged images taken from a reality that becomes a dreamlike environment or the stuff of dreams.

  3. Max's rating of the film Christmas U.S.A.

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