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  1. Sara Gaspar's rating of the film Chronic

  2. Absentia's rating of the film Chronic

    3.5 Michel Franco is very talented

  3. Corriel's rating of the film Chronic

    Rather good but not interesting for me.

  4. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Chronic

  5. Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Chronic

    Bleak, heartbreaking but incredibly human. It talks about illness and how whether the victim or his relatives deal with it. But most importantly: how a caring nurse deals daily with all that stuff. How it affects him and changes his perception on life. I love that we slowly peel layers from Tim Roth's character and his past. A very different performance from Roth that allows him and the film to breathe. Great film.

  6. Elephants Gerald's rating of the film Chronic

    An exceptional performance by Tim Roth, an interesting Rorschach-like ambiguity, and without a doubt the stupidest ending to any story I've ever seen or read.

  7. vordven's rating of the film Chronic

  8. Dries's rating of the film Chronic

    Un film che colpisce duro...anche il finale seppur prevedibile e al contempo incomprensibile lascia con l'amaro in bocca

  9. Genadijus L.'s rating of the film Chronic

    Best screenplay award winner in Cannes 2015 doesn't give anything new except outstanding performance by Tim Roth. The whole realization starting from editing, cinematography and even acting has been seen in most of European movies, especially from the new wave of Romanian and Hungarian, even Scandinavian movies.

  10. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Chronic

    There’s a certain ambiguity, almost like a secret that we expect to be revealed, that keep us wanting to know more about David.

  11. Michael Stephenson's rating of the film Chronic

    Roth is great. I'd heard about the shocking ending but I'm not really sure what to make of it.

  12. Matt Richards's rating of the film Chronic

    An intriguing character study on the life of a carer and his intimately challenging relationships with those on the edge of death. Roth is restrained and keeps us guessing at his motivations and his past throughout and Franco does an expert job of keeping us guessing where the moral line is drawn using levity to navigate the dark subject matter. 4 stars

  13. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Chronic

    Michel Franco is clearly obsessed with long medium shots. While he had considerable success with that in "After Lucia", it gets really stale here, and robs the film of the emotional intimacy that it should have. In fact, Franco's direction and underwritten screenplay make it very difficult to invest in the film. Even Tim Roth's stirring performance can only do so much.

  14. Rodrigo's rating of the film Chronic

    I know that it had to happen... but did it really have to happen THAT WAY?

  15. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film Chronic

    It was far too slow and heavy for me and I found that the carer lacked in emotions. He cares for his patients but never cries nor seems to be emotionally involved...

  16. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Chronic

    If you have not seen Uberto Pasolini's "Still Life" (2013), a Venice festival winner, you will love this film. If you have, you will realize the screenplay/direction borrows unabashedly from the Pasolini film. It is sad that the Cannes Jury was unaware of the plagiarism and awarded it for the most culpable aspect--the screenplay! Please view "Still Life" and you will note the increasing incidence of plagiarism.

  17. Fabio Ornelas's rating of the film Chronic

    Very good film, despite the ending.

  18. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Chronic

    7/10 Michel Franco & Sue Brooks should get a room.

  19. adysab's rating of the film Chronic

  20. elaydailhih's rating of the film Chronic

  21. Charlie Bury's rating of the film Chronic

    Franco's world takes on new heights in this deadly matter-of-fact depiction of death. Bon voyage!