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  1. Photo of Adrián Caetano

    Adrián Caetano Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Óscar Kramer

    Óscar Kramer Producer

  3. Photo of Hugo Sigman

    Hugo Sigman Producer

  4. Photo of Alejandra Dixon

    Alejandra Dixon Producer

  5. Photo of Paula Zyngierman

    Paula Zyngierman Producer

  6. Photo of Esteban Student

    Esteban Student Screenplay

  7. Photo of Julian Loyola

    Julian Loyola Screenplay

  8. Photo of Julián Apezteguia

    Julián Apezteguia Cinematography

  9. Photo of Rodrigo de la Serna

    Rodrigo de la Serna Cast

  10. Photo of Pablo Echarri

    Pablo Echarri Cast

  11. Photo of Nazareno Casero

    Nazareno Casero Cast

  12. Photo of Lautaro Delgado

    Lautaro Delgado Cast

  13. Photo of Matías Marmorato

    Matías Marmorato Cast

  14. Photo of Martín Urruty

    Martín Urruty Cast

  15. Photo of César Albarracín

    César Albarracín Cast

  16. Photo of Alberto Ponce

    Alberto Ponce Editing

  17. Photo of Joseph Adorisio

    Joseph Adorisio Sound

  18. Photo of Natalia Alayon

    Natalia Alayon Costume Design

  19. Photo of Diego Alonso Gómez

    Diego Alonso Gómez Cast

  20. Photo of Leonardo Bargiga

    Leonardo Bargiga Cast

  21. Photo of Luis Enrique Caetano

    Luis Enrique Caetano Cast

  22. Photo of Alfredo Castellani

    Alfredo Castellani Cast

  23. Photo of Claudio Tamburrini

    Claudio Tamburrini Screenplay

  24. Photo of Iván Wyszogrod

    Iván Wyszogrod Music

  25. Photo of Jorge Ferrari

    Jorge Ferrari Production Design

  26. Photo of Juan Mario Roust

    Juan Mario Roust Production Design