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  1. Photo of Pier Francesco Pingitore

    Pier Francesco Pingitore Director

  2. Photo of Mario Castellacci

    Mario Castellacci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pippo Franco

    Pippo Franco Cast

  4. Photo of Silvia Dionisio

    Silvia Dionisio Cast

  5. Photo of Isabella Biagini

    Isabella Biagini Cast

  6. Photo of Bombolo

    Bombolo Cast

  7. Photo of Aldo Giuffrè

    Aldo Giuffrè Cast

  8. Photo of Teo Teocoli

    Teo Teocoli Cast

  9. Photo of Adriana Russo

    Adriana Russo Cast

  10. Photo of Oreste Lionello

    Oreste Lionello Cast

  11. Photo of Franco Citti

    Franco Citti Cast

  12. Photo of Luciana Turina

    Luciana Turina Cast

  13. Photo of Laura Troschel

    Laura Troschel Cast

  14. Photo of Giancarlo Magalli

    Giancarlo Magalli Cast