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  1. Photo of John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Director

  2. Photo of Keith Addis

    Keith Addis Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Morris Berger

    Morris Berger Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Stephen R. Brown

    Stephen R. Brown Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Andrew Deane

    Andrew Deane Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Mick Garris

    Mick Garris Executive Producer

  7. Photo of John W. Hyde

    John W. Hyde Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Lisa Richardson

    Lisa Richardson Producer

  9. Photo of Tom Rowe

    Tom Rowe Producer

  10. Photo of Drew McWeeny

    Drew McWeeny Screenplay

  11. Photo of Scott Swan

    Scott Swan Screenplay

  12. Photo of Attila Szalay

    Attila Szalay Cinematography

  13. Photo of Norman Reedus

    Norman Reedus Cast

  14. Photo of Udo Kier

    Udo Kier Cast

  15. Photo of Gary Hetherington

    Gary Hetherington Cast

  16. Photo of Christopher Britton

    Christopher Britton Cast

  17. Photo of Zara Taylor

    Zara Taylor Cast

  18. Photo of Patrick McMahon

    Patrick McMahon Editing

  19. Photo of Cody Carpenter

    Cody Carpenter Music