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  1. Photo of Gilberto Martinez Solares

    Gilberto Martinez Solares Director

  2. Photo of Carlos A. Olivari

    Carlos A. Olivari Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sixto Póndal Ríos

    Sixto Póndal Ríos Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yolanda Vargas Dulché

    Yolanda Vargas Dulché Screenplay

  5. Photo of Arturo de Córdova

    Arturo de Córdova Cast

  6. Photo of Pepita Serrador

    Pepita Serrador Cast

  7. Photo of Ana María Campoy

    Ana María Campoy Cast

  8. Photo of Miroslava

    Miroslava Cast

  9. Photo of Rafael Alcayde

    Rafael Alcayde Cast

  10. Photo of Jorge Mondragón

    Jorge Mondragón Cast

  11. Photo of Carolina Barret

    Carolina Barret Cast

  12. Photo of Manuel Noriega

    Manuel Noriega Cast

  13. Photo of Conchita Gentil Arcos

    Conchita Gentil Arcos Cast

  14. Photo of Salvador Elizondo

    Salvador Elizondo Producer

  15. Photo of Eduardo Hernández Moncada

    Eduardo Hernández Moncada Music

  16. Photo of Agustín Martínez Solares

    Agustín Martínez Solares Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jorge Busto

    Jorge Busto Editing

  18. Photo of Jorge Fernández

    Jorge Fernández Production Design

  19. Photo of Royer

    Royer Costume Design