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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Cinema Komunisto

    Tito turns out to be a movie loving dictator, much else you don’t learn about him in this suspiciously nostalgic documentary. “Cinema Komunisto” shows the glorious past of Yugoslavian movie industry and also gives a glimpse to how (even well made) movies can be used as propaganda. I got the feeling that most of the Yugoslavian productions were war movies about partisans, but that most likely is not the truth.

  2. Corriel's rating of the film Cinema Komunisto

    An interesting and nostalgically sad film.

  3. francisca bacon's rating of the film Cinema Komunisto

    kim jong-il was a great cinephile too..

  4. Mario Gaborović's rating of the film Cinema Komunisto

    The untold part of this documentary is that Yugoslav cinema excelled artistically mostly through Black Wave (i.e. Yugoslav counterpart of French Nouvelle Vague of the 1960s), while war epics were mostly propaganda, rich in budgets and had no significant artistic value. The best films were actually made by Black Wave directors and later by so called Prague school filmmakers.