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  1. James Roth's rating of the film Cinemania

  2. Log Lady's rating of the film Cinemania

    The point of cinemania where you need medication and a psychiatrist, or become a grumpy asshole uncapable of functioning with people in a decent manner. Then again... Would these people be like this without the movie obsession? There has to be some kind of underlying neurosis or OCD to make that screening chart, for example. I wonder how many Mubi members reject reality in order to see as many movies as possible?

  3. ihor's rating of the film Cinemania

    Cinema fanaticism at it's extreme is pathetic world which even disheartened me about the ability of cinema to communicate important ideas. How is it possible that individuals watching the great films of cinema can live such vain lives disconnected from genuine human experience? The film itself though is disappointing and could have done much more to look into the lives of the characters and their world

  4. anarki's rating of the film Cinemania

  5. iheartllama's rating of the film Cinemania

  6. Amin Lumière's rating of the film Cinemania

  7. Whyte Nite's rating of the film Cinemania

    What I should have been thinking while watching it: "damn... these people have no lives whatsoever, they are insanely obsessed with movies...". What I was actually thinking: "Holy crap. I wish there were screenings this great where I live!"

  8. saiths's rating of the film Cinemania

    this was so incredibly interesting. i almost didn't want it to end. i think loving film is something that i understand really well and it was nice (also a bit disturbing) to see people who are completely and utterly obsessed with it that they're willing to go to these great lengths for it. this was passionate and perhaps a little pretentious but when it's all said and done, it was a reflection of many people today.

  9. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Cinemania

    ★★★★ Cinema is a form of living.

  10. captain's rating of the film Cinemania

    Something everybody on this site should watch, 1) because it is interesting, and 2) as a sort of preventative medicine :)