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  1. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Cinnamon

    A documentary film on black drag racing could have been amazing. But apart from the personal stories that were cut too short, there wasn't much to explore. Beautiful imagery but not enough substance, which was a letdown for the marvelously interesting subject.

  2. paul_quixote's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Beautifully composed. Sporadic tales about feelings re: racing were wonderful, reminded me how limited the employment of the English language is, generally, in movies. I love hearing people talk who talk in a way that’s unique to them. Meditations on ritual, on the imperceptible difference between perfection & failure, sunk in slowly, but did sink in. Wanted more emotional pulse throughout, but was never disengaged.

  3. Alexzander Reichley's rating of the film Cinnamon

    I expected more from this film. There is hardly any dialogue, for the audience to follow what is happening they have to make many inferences. Contains little action and that which it does contain is largely muted. The editing and cinematography are poorly done and make the film disorienting and dull.

  4. mmassias's rating of the film Cinnamon

  5. Jennifer's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Interesting topic with a boring execution. I would rewatch this if it was done by a different director.

  6. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Cinnamon

    I’m wondering if this was originally a multi-channel gallery installation. If it wasn’t, I’m scratching my head over the editing, which could of course be all about my limitations and how few of his films I’ve seen, not the film’s fault. I am very much enjoying the series: thank you, Mubi, thank you, Kevin.

  7. Juan Javier's rating of the film Cinnamon

  8. lindsey.matchell's rating of the film Cinnamon

    I anticipated this film to be a story that is intense and filled with action but it was actually slow. The cinematography was poor and lacked a lot of organization, perhaps this has to do with a really low budget. The plot line had the potential to be really good but it eventually just became boring. The acting was okay but nothing great. They could have done so much with this storyline if it had a higher budget.

  9. tubbssw's rating of the film Cinnamon

    I guess it would be pretty hard to make drag racing look exciting.

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Despite some experimental touches that didn't really suit the material, this was a very enjoyable look at the importance, and enjoyment, of drag racing to a number of African Americans. Those wanting a Fast & Furious movie can look elsewhere, but it's an admirably positive look at the subculture.

  11. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Cinnamon

    A total disappointment. While it's sort of interesting to see Everson's work in a kind of embryonic phase, it's not all that enjoyable. Far from the long patient shots, Cinnamon is defined by choppy, odd editing which tries to focus on too many things but ultimately feels lacking. Avant-garde in all the worst ways.

  12. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Es una buena exploración sin necesidad de un narrador ni los personajes brindado información específica pero, muy largo para la pretensión inicial, con demasiados fundidos a negro que lo vuelven incómodo y exasperante. Muy llamativo que emplee poca música, que despoje de sonido muchos momentos, el uso del blanco y el negro...

  13. suu-mei's rating of the film Cinnamon

    <333 i hope frank ocean has seen this !!!

  14. lemonish5's rating of the film Cinnamon

    It's pretty sloppy, and Everson makes some bizarre stylistic choices (which often fall flat), but I think that moving away from a focus on formalism can open the viewer up to a better appreciation of a wider range of voices (including folks like Everson). ... [cont. in comments]

  15. lesminho's rating of the film Cinnamon

  16. Jolie Powell's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Nice footage but the movie got boring after a while.

  17. Laura Marks's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Lovely. I find it very satisfying to be able to inhabit the tempo of a film and this had it in spades, and such an abiding patience the father and daughter possessed. That is power in reserve, for real.

  18. Madison's rating of the film Cinnamon

    I thought this would be a phenomenal film about overcoming obstacles and following your dreams. Let's just say it was a let down. The plot of these types of movies never really interest me but I gave it a shot, regrettably so. Maybe if it had a better budget it could reach its potential as a film but overall it was a waste of time frankly. It was awkward in every aspect.

  19. zi's rating of the film Cinnamon

    Who would have thought that a film about drag racing would be boring? Maybe back in the day this was quite the thrill, but I'd say it doesn't translate well to today. Way too slow.

  20. Caleb McNamara's rating of the film Cinnamon

    WHY IS THIS MOVIE ON THIS WEBSITE??? Seriously though, it seems like this was something made by the nephew of the CEO of MUBI and they were guilted into putting it on the website. At first, I thought that it was purposefully being shot poorly, but as it went on it seemed more and more evident that little to no effort went into the production of this film. I would give it zero stars if I could. Do not waste your time.