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  1. Photo of Boris Dezhkin

    Boris Dezhkin Director and Animation

  2. Photo of Mstislav Pashchenko

    Mstislav Pashchenko Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gianni Rodari

    Gianni Rodari Screenplay

  4. Photo of Karen Khachaturyan

    Karen Khachaturyan Music

  5. Photo of Fedor Ivanov

    Fedor Ivanov Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Boris Filchikov

    Boris Filchikov Sound

  7. Photo of Anatoly Solin

    Anatoly Solin Animation

  8. Photo of Sergei Dezhkin

    Sergei Dezhkin Animation

  9. Photo of Vitali Bobrov

    Vitali Bobrov Animation

  10. Photo of Konstantin Chikin

    Konstantin Chikin Animation

  11. Photo of Vladimir Karp

    Vladimir Karp Animation

  12. Photo of Faina Yepifanova

    Faina Yepifanova Animation

  13. Photo of Vladimir Krumin

    Vladimir Krumin Animation

  14. Photo of Victor Arsentiev

    Victor Arsentiev Animation