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  1. Photo of Patrice Leconte

    Patrice Leconte Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martin Veyron

    Martin Veyron Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jane Birkin

    Jane Birkin Cast

  4. Photo of Michel Blanc

    Michel Blanc Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Villeret

    Jacques Villeret Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Robbe

    Michel Robbe Cast

  7. Photo of Dominique Faysse

    Dominique Faysse Cast

  8. Photo of Gaëlle Legrand

    Gaëlle Legrand Cast

  9. Photo of Luis Rego

    Luis Rego Cast

  10. Photo of Alan Adair

    Alan Adair Cast

  11. Photo of Martin Lamotte

    Martin Lamotte Cast

  12. Photo of Wilfrid Durry

    Wilfrid Durry Cast

  13. Photo of Marc Adjadj

    Marc Adjadj Cast

  14. Photo of Mathieu Chardet

    Mathieu Chardet Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

    Jean-Paul Lilienfeld Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Marc Roulot

    Jean-Marc Roulot Cast

  17. Photo of Serge Spira

    Serge Spira Cast

  18. Photo of Jacques Pibarot

    Jacques Pibarot Cast

  19. Photo of Ticky Holgado

    Ticky Holgado Cast

  20. Photo of Eric Prat

    Eric Prat Cast

  21. Photo of René Marjac

    René Marjac Cast

  22. Photo of Ronald Mills

    Ronald Mills Cast

  23. Photo of Sacha Lavin

    Sacha Lavin Cast

  24. Photo of Jean-Michel Ribes

    Jean-Michel Ribes Cast

  25. Photo of Robert Langlois

    Robert Langlois Cast

  26. Photo of Jacques Brucher

    Jacques Brucher Cast

  27. Photo of Jean-Marie Balembois

    Jean-Marie Balembois Cast

  28. Photo of Eric Civanyan

    Eric Civanyan Cast

  29. Photo of Patrick Chetrit

    Patrick Chetrit Cast

  30. Photo of Robert Fraisse

    Robert Fraisse Cinematography

  31. Photo of Jean-Philippe Goude

    Jean-Philippe Goude Music

  32. Photo of Ramon Pipin

    Ramon Pipin Music

  33. Photo of Eric Moulard

    Eric Moulard Production Design

  34. Photo of Joëlle Hache

    Joëlle Hache Editing

  35. Photo of Alain Lachassagne

    Alain Lachassagne Sound