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  1. Photo of John Llewellyn Moxey

    John Llewellyn Moxey Director

  2. Photo of Harry Alan Towers

    Harry Alan Towers Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Edgar Wallace

    Edgar Wallace Novel

  4. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  5. Photo of Klaus Kinski

    Klaus Kinski Cast

  6. Photo of Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee Cast

  7. Photo of Leo Genn

    Leo Genn Cast

  8. Photo of Anthony Newlands

    Anthony Newlands Cast

  9. Photo of Eddi Arent

    Eddi Arent Cast

  10. Photo of Heinz Drache

    Heinz Drache Cast

  11. Photo of Skip Martin

    Skip Martin Cast

  12. Photo of Johnny Douglas

    Johnny Douglas Music

  13. Photo of Ernest Steward

    Ernest Steward Cinematography

  14. Photo of John Trumper

    John Trumper Editing

  15. Photo of John Brommage

    John Brommage Sound

  16. Photo of Ken Cameron

    Ken Cameron Sound

  17. Photo of John Colville

    John Colville Sound

  18. Photo of Frank White

    Frank White Production Design

  19. Photo of Suzy Kendall

    Suzy Kendall Cast

  20. Photo of Cecil Parker

    Cecil Parker Cast

  21. Photo of Victor Maddern

    Victor Maddern Cast

  22. Photo of Maurice Kaufmann

    Maurice Kaufmann Cast

  23. Photo of Lawrence James

    Lawrence James Cast

  24. Photo of Tom Bowman

    Tom Bowman Cast

  25. Photo of Nosher Powell

    Nosher Powell Cast

  26. Photo of Henry B. Longhurst

    Henry B. Longhurst Cast

  27. Photo of George Fisher

    George Fisher Cast

  28. Photo of Werner Jacobs

    Werner Jacobs Director

  29. Photo of David Henley

    David Henley Producer