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  1. Photo of Grigori Aleksandrov

    Grigori Aleksandrov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of I. Simkov

    I. Simkov Director

  3. Photo of Isaak Babel

    Isaak Babel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ilya Ilf

    Ilya Ilf Screenplay

  5. Photo of Valentin Kataev

    Valentin Kataev Screenplay

  6. Photo of Yevgeni Petrov

    Yevgeni Petrov Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lyubov Orlova

    Lyubov Orlova Cast

  8. Photo of Yevgeniya Melnikova

    Yevgeniya Melnikova Cast

  9. Photo of Vladimir Volodin

    Vladimir Volodin Cast

  10. Photo of Sergei Stolyarov

    Sergei Stolyarov Cast

  11. Photo of Pavel Massalsky

    Pavel Massalsky Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksandr Komissarov

    Aleksandr Komissarov Cast

  13. Photo of N. Otto

    N. Otto Cast

  14. Photo of Jim Patterson

    Jim Patterson Cast

  15. Photo of Fyodor Kurikhin

    Fyodor Kurikhin Cast

  16. Photo of Sergei Antimonov

    Sergei Antimonov Cast

  17. Photo of Solomon Mikhoels

    Solomon Mikhoels Cast

  18. Photo of Pavel Geraga

    Pavel Geraga Cast

  19. Photo of Lev Sverdlin

    Lev Sverdlin Cast

  20. Photo of Vladimir Kandelaki

    Vladimir Kandelaki Cast

  21. Photo of Vladimir Nilsen

    Vladimir Nilsen Cinematography

  22. Photo of Boris Petrov

    Boris Petrov Cinematography

  23. Photo of Isaak Dunayevsky

    Isaak Dunayevsky Music

  24. Photo of Vasili Lebedev-Kumac

    Vasili Lebedev-Kumac Music

  25. Photo of Georgi Grivtsov

    Georgi Grivtsov Production Design

  26. Photo of Nikolai Timartsev

    Nikolai Timartsev Sound