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  1. Photo of Danis Tanović

    Danis Tanović Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ivica Djikic

    Ivica Djikic Screenplay

  3. Photo of Čedomir Kolar

    Čedomir Kolar Producer

  4. Photo of Cat Villiers

    Cat Villiers Producer

  5. Photo of Dunja Klemenc

    Dunja Klemenc Producer

  6. Photo of Gerhard Meixner

    Gerhard Meixner Producer

  7. Photo of Roman Paul

    Roman Paul Producer

  8. Photo of Marion Hänsel

    Marion Hänsel Producer

  9. Photo of Walther van den Ende

    Walther van den Ende Cinematography

  10. Photo of Petar Marcovic

    Petar Marcovic Editing

  11. Photo of Dirk Bombey

    Dirk Bombey Sound

  12. Photo of Miki Manojlović

    Miki Manojlović Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Ler

    Boris Ler Cast

  14. Photo of Mira Furlan

    Mira Furlan Cast

  15. Photo of Jelena Stupljanin

    Jelena Stupljanin Cast

  16. Photo of Mario Knezovic

    Mario Knezovic Cast

  17. Photo of Dusko Milavec

    Dusko Milavec Production Design

  18. Photo of Sanda Popovac

    Sanda Popovac Production Design

  19. Photo of Milan Strljic

    Milan Strljic Cast

  20. Photo of Svetislav Goncic

    Svetislav Goncic Cast

  21. Photo of Almir Mehic

    Almir Mehic Cast

  22. Photo of Ermin Bravo

    Ermin Bravo Cast

  23. Photo of Mirza Tanovic

    Mirza Tanovic Cast